Odor Removal and Elimination Services

As the owner of Squeaky Clean and Dry, Jim Richardson has devoted the past 20 years to his Delaware-based cleaning and restoration service. He is proud of his company’s success in the area of Odor Removal and  Elimination as well as sanitization. Here are his thoughts about the niche industry he has developed.

If you are concerned about the horrible odors that seem to pop up around your home, there are a few things you should know about Odor Removal and Elimination Services in Hockessin DE and neighboring communities of Greenville, Centerville, Pike Creek, Newark, Wilmington, North Star, Bear, Glasgow, Middletown, Townsend, Marcus, Hook, and Claymont.

The human sense of smell is a powerful force. There are many scents that we humans seem to universally appreciate and enjoy – the smell of a roast simmering in the oven or a freshly baked apple pie come to mind. Unfortunately, our senses can also detect odors that are not at all pleasant but instead are obnoxious, unpleasant and even dangerous.

If you are facing such a problem in your home or business or in any other part of your day to day environment, relief is in sight from the leader in odor removal and elimination services in Hockessin DE and other neighboring towns and cities. All it takes is a call to Squeaky Clean and Dry, aka the Odor Guy, who can put his totally effective JUST GONE deodorizing and odor removal system to work for you.



It is important that you recognize what causes most offensive odors you encounter. In a word, it’s Bacteria. If spoiled food waste or unpleasantries like dead animal carcasses, garbage, human and animal feces, cat urine, open sewers and other such offensive odors are left to fester, odor causing bacteria will begin the process of degradation. That process results in odors. The longer the issue is left to fester, the stronger the odor.

If left untreated, those smells can grow to be a health hazard when you and your family breathe in the harmful germs that form. Over the centuries, it was germs such as these that caused many of the deadly epidemics and plagues to occur. Up until recent times, there were few options for effective Odor Removal and Elimination Services in Hockessin DE or in any other area of the state.

Until Squeaky Clean and Dry came to be, most services that claimed success with odor removal used an assortment of toxic chemical cleaning agents and other harsh chemicals to clean and cover up smells from problem areas. This method simply masked the smell with a perfumed substance that lasted for a week or less, only to return.

The JUST GONE System uses a completely safe natural occurring substance- Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) to kill the bacteria and the resulting odor at the source. Remember, this is not potentially dangerous Chlorine.

The powerful Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ with CLO2 can be used in liquid form to safely attack the source of the odor or applied as a gas
to attack the lingering odors that have been absorbed deep into the core of a home, office, workstation, vehicle, boat, RV and any enclosed sealed structure. The areas treated are left free of product residue and any odor, no matter how intense.

There are now better more effective procedures for homeowners and businesses that are dealing with mold and mildew issues. Anyone faced with allergies and reactions to mildew spores will be relieved to know what The JUST GONE System will do to relieve those symptoms. The harmful spores that affect your breathing will be effectively destroyed and eliminated, leaving the treated areas completely sanitized and refreshed; No stink-no smell-no harmful allergens-no kidding.

The system is effective against most bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold spores, algae, and blood borne pathogens, protozoa, yeast and biofilms, as well as dangerous MERSA, Legionella – Salmonella – Cryptosporidium – Giardia Cysts – Coliforms – Listeria – Shigella – Staph – Norovirus – Influenza – Anthrax – Cholera – E-coli – Hepatitis – Hepa Virus – EBOLA – C Diff – MARS and scores of other elements.

The possibilities are even more exciting as new applications of the JUST GONE CLO2 product continue to be found. Here are some of the uses we have found for our system. You may even discover a few of your own. The places where Jim Richardson, owner of Squeaky Clean and Dry has successfully used the JUST GONE System include:
School gyms
Health clubs
Fitness gyms
Martial arts facilities
Racquetball clubs
Car, RV, & Boat dealers
Day care facilities
Healthcare facilities
Real Estate professionals
And many more applications

What most of these places have in common with each other are odors caused by human perspiration. If you have ever entered a boy’s locker room after an intense workout, you know what I am referring to. Squeaky Clean and Dry is effective against Mold and Mildew? These two elements can cause serious health hazards
You want it…Just Gone!

You no longer need to hire a contractor and professional mold remediator to eliminate mold by building old-fashioned containment systems to corral mold and mildew spores before eliminating the spores. An application of JUST GONE – CLO2 will handle your remediation and leave your home certifiably free of mold and mildew. All problems with mold and mildew on all exposed surfaces, duct work, ceilings, and even the contents will be totally eliminated, JUST GONE not just reduced.

Used Cars Suffer From BO.
So do old boats, RVs, Campers. In most cases, potential buyers resist buying cars that smell like a bar room or a garbage dump. What can a used car or used boat dealer do to protect his investment? Ozone or odor bombs don’t work and can even worsen the odor. The only guaranteed fix is the Just Gone System.

There’s More …
Besides Killing mildew, Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ gets your home or business sanitized, deodorized and frees it from mold and mildew and other allergens, harmful germs, bacteria odors, allergens and indoor contaminants quickly and effectively. Nothing works as well as JUST GONE™ for Odor Removal and Elimination Services Hockessin DE.

Healthcare and Daycare Facilities

These are two critical areas where JUST GONE should be used. There are numerous areas where dangerous germs and viruses reside including Ebola-Hepa-MRSA-E.Coli-Legionella-Pneumophila-Streptococcus-Faecalis and numerous others. It’s been proven that the old ways and products that were used to sanitize critical areas DO NOT WORK. Squeaky Clean’s JUST GONE SYSTEM does – without interfering with your normal operation and at a surprisingly affordable cost. We even offer an aftercare product that will help to control airborne viruses for up to 45 days.

Daycare and Preschools – Why Use Our System?

These facilities have a difficult time trying to deal with the frequent breakouts and outbreaks of various common viruses and bacterial infections that are constantly introduced by children who are affected. Stop the cycle with JUST GONE and its promise to eliminate 100% of all your home’s unhealthy organisms and odors.

You can also remove 100% of any odor in any vehicle 100% of the time. Guaranteed! Most vehicles can be completely deodorized in as little as 1 hour. Including the odors from Yacht diesels, bilge, and lingering head odors. A fresh environment encourages more shoppers and more spending and a lot of happy customers.

Picture Yourself as a Realtor

We know how bad an old car can smell. An old house can present a real dilemma to a listing agent especially if the former owner was a smoker, a marijuana user or a cat fancier. Litter box odors are a deal killer and so are some cooking odors, sour smelling fireplaces and sewer odors. Smart agents should treat their listings with JUST GONE to give the property a fresh inviting smell.

Other common odors realtors run into are Curry, Dead Bodies (animal or human-seriously), Skunks, coons, “Old Folks Odor” (you know what I’m talking about), Oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, gasoline & other petroleum odors and New paint and carpet odor
JUST GONE will totally eliminate any of the above-mentioned smells and most others. Your listing will smell like a breath of fresh air. Smelling is believing.

A call to Squeaky Clean and Dry for Odor Removal and Elimination Services in Hockessin DE and your odor problems are solved and the home is sold.


If you operate a transportation service, you owe your clients a clean fresh smelling vehicle, particularly if you are trying to build your business. A fresh smelling vehicle that we have sanitized will draw return customers to your vehicles. There is nothing appealing about driving with a person who’s breath and vehicle smell like last night’s salami and beer.

Municipal Busses, once treated with our odor removal product can improve the fleet’s sanitation and odor problems with regularly scheduled treatments with our product. There is no cause or reason for the public to expect a putrid smelling bus for their journey.


It seems that not a day goes by when we fail to discover a new use and a different application for our product. Here is a partial listing of the places that have had success using it.

Hotels, Motels, Inns, Resorts

Apartments, Condos, Property Mgt., Home Rental Companies

Real Estate Companies, Brokers, Agents, Home Inspectors

Mobile Home Mfg., Mobile Home Parks, Used Mobile Home Dealers,
Mobile Home Service & Maintenance Companies

Insurance Companies, Mortgage Companies, Banks

Oil Field Industry to Kill H2

Auto Mfg., Auto Dealers, Auto Repair, Auto Parts Stores, Auto Painters, Auto Rental Companies, Limo Companies, Taxi Companies, UBER vehicles RV Mfg., RV Dealers, RV Repair Companies, Camper Dealers, Camper Repair Companies

Truck Mfg., Trucking Companies, Truck Hauling Companies, Truck Rental Companies, Trailer and Shipping Container Companies

Aircraft Mfg., Aircraft Repair, Aircraft service & Maintenance
Airports, Airline Companies, Boat Houses Boats & Yacht Mfg Companies; Storage Companies, Lake CabinRentals, Lake Parks Bathrooms, Beach Bathrooms, Bait Shops,
Hunting Gear Shops & Scent Removal Public Transportation, Buses, Vans, Trains,

Rest Stop Bathrooms, Septic tank Companies, Public/Portable Toilets
Air Conditioning & Heating Companies (Air Duct systems)

Military, Police, Fire Departments, (Body Armor)

Schools, Bathrooms, Locker rooms, Showers, Sports Gear
Health Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Senior Care Facilities, Hospitals Food Mfg. Plants, Meat, Fish, Poultry Markets, Dairy Farms

Restaurants, Bars, Pubs
Second-hand stores, Clothes, Furniture

Veterinary Clinics, Kennels, Pet Stores, (Kills Provo)
Storage unit Containers & Mini Storage Units, City Morgues and Funeral Homes
Dumpster Companies

Fire & Flooded Homes & Buildings, Retail, Hardware, Lumber, Farm Supply Stores, Carpet Stores(Eliminates Formaldehyde Odor)

Carpet Cleaning & Painting Contractor Companies
Janitorial Service Companies, Janitorial Supply Retail Stores, Janitorial Supply Distributors

Law Enforcements Agencies – Police, Sheriff, DEA, FBI, (USES)
Holding Cells, Jail Cells, Prison Cells, Service Vehicles, Drug Labs, Meth etc.

For cleanup sites that have had Murders, Suicides, etc., Clo2 is a broad
spectrum neutralizer for Blood-Borne Pathogen, Consumers with problems!

The list continues to grow as our innovative technicians put our odor elimination system to the test. There is no reason why our Odor Removal and Elimination Services in Hockessin DE won’t work for you.

If you live in any of the communities listed here, our company will provide you with the information you need to get the stink out of your life.

Pike Creek
North Star
Marcus Hook

Squeaky King is proud of our reputation and of the great work we have done over the past 20 years. We invite you to visit the following link so you can review the many dozen customer comments posted on this page.

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